For purchasing books or prints, further info or any questions just drop me a message an go to CONTACT. Don`t hesitate.

About the used technique for the prints and in general:
Most pictures are shot in medium format. I don`t like to compromise too much, specialy when it comes to larger prints. Books are a bit a different story where you can go with smaller cameras too. However, always finding the right tool for getting the job done. It`s that simple.

The prints are executed  on Fine Art paper (signed open edition). My close connections to professionals Fine Art Printers here in Switzerland guarantee top results and support if necessary.

Available materials:
Everything is possible when it comes to the Fine Art prints. There are tons of papers and materials.

-Fine Art Prints are starting from 499 Swiss Francs / 499 Euros / 539 Dollars for an aproximate size of 40x60cm, depending on the exact execution. In size there are almost no limits. Let`s find out what`s best for you.